Google will soon require OEMs to roll out 'regular' Android security patches

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While the feature is still enabled in the first two Developer Previews it will not make it to the live version of Android P. Thanks to WaveNet, an AI-based generative program that's part of Google's DeepMind division, Duplex can sound a lot closer to a human than ever before, complete with "umms" and "aahs", as seen in the video above.

Google noted that more than 2 billion websites have been created in the almost 30 years since the world wide web launched. The new innovation imitates a human voice to make appointments. You can get Android P on a wide-variety of devices, including the Sony Xperia XZ2, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro and the upcoming OnePlus 6. That's all changed in Android P (try it now).

When it's Gmail, the Android smartphone operating platform, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Maps, and also, obviously, Google Hunt - the business is amassing gigabytes of information about you. Google says the technology is rolling out as "an experiment" in coming weeks. Google gave a sneak peek into numerous new features and changes that they have made in their Google Assistant.

Powered by a new technology we call Google Duplex, the Assistant can understand complex sentences, fast speech, and long remarks, so it can respond naturally in a phone conversation. For example, you can create a Custom Routine for family dinner, and kick it off by saying "Hey Google, dinner's ready" and the Assistant can turn on your favorite music, turn off the TV, and broadcast "dinner time!" to everyone in the house.

Copy and paste in Android works by tapping and holding some text, pulling out the handles to cover all the text you need, then choosing the Copy menu from the options in the pop-up beside it. With the new features, Google Assistant can be a real assistant very soon. Numerous new features center on the use of artificial intelligence to help save time.

The objective of the functionality was so that users could know which apps were consuming too much battery.

The other product that's getting a touch of AI and ML is Google News, which has been completely redesigned from scratch.

With Wear OS DP1, we learned about things like the dark UI becoming the new default, SDK restrictions aimed at improving stability, and new rules for background apps meant to prolong battery life. While the Do not disturbed mode is now much more aware of what to block and what stays.

Google says this new mode will help dissuade you from continuously using the phone in your bed past a certain hour by turning the phone's screen to greyscale.