Twitter is working on encrypted conversations

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Those wanting to keep their conversations secure tend to opt for apps like Telegram and WhatsApp instead, but the addition of encryption could change the landscape.

The code for the unreleased encryption option was found in the software's APK files. A newly discovered feature buried deep in its Android app suggests Twitter could be the latest platform to make major privacy improvements. However, it was first revealed by a Twitter user named Jane Manchun Wong and he tweeted the screenshots of this feature.

But launching an encrypted messaging tool would provide Twitter users with greater security and allow them to send more sensitive communications.

Famed CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden has even called on the company to include the feature - but no dice.

After a Periscope conversation, Snowden asked Dorsey: "How about secret, burn-after-reading DMs?" All messages sent through the secret conversation shall stay as secure and end to end encrypted.

Once a Secret conversation is started, the Encryption settings tab will give users the option to establish an 'encryption key, ' as well as manage your pre-shared keys.

A Twitter spokesperson has declined to comment on the matter to various media outlets.

End-to-end encryption ensures that messages can only be read between the sender and the recipient, and not by the company whose platform you're using, or any authority who may try and intercept the message.

Twitter is used by many journalists and politicians as their preferred communication platform.

Twitter can additionally get up the leg on WhatsApp when it Facebook commences to dig to those conversations.

It should be noted that Twitter now transmits direct messages in plain text. The Twitter chief responded, saying the request was "reasonable, and something we'll think about".