Set Alexa as your default assistant on your Android phone

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In the past, you've been able to change that to be Microsoft's Cortana instead (or "None"), but now you can also set it to use Amazon's Alexa. The latency between asking Alexa to get Cortana to complete a task was tremendously long. Taylor demonstrated how he could access both Alexa and Cortana on his PC.

The reaction, as shown above, obviously received applause from the crowd who clearly understand the Halo reference stated within Alexa's reply.

"We want to make it possible for our customers to get the most out of their personal assistants, not be bound to a single one", Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said at Build.

Microsoft shocked the technology world when it announced a collaboration with Amazon at the 2018 Microsoft Build Conference. She uses Alexa to add milk to her shopping list which is a natural thing as it is an Amazon Alexa powered smart speaker but the next thing she did was ask Alexa to "open Cortana".

Would you welcome Cortana into your Amazon Echo interface? She also used Cortana to send an email to the other person. They are doing this by making both digital assistants, intelligent friends. Amazon and Microsoft had made a declaration previous year that they would be uniting to make their two effective assistants collaborate together.

If you want to replace the Google Assistant with Alexa on your Android smartphone, download the newest version of the Alexa app from the Play Store. Alexa spoke to Taylor through the computer then called him an Uber to a restaurant called Harvest Vine. The Minecraft team stated that the older generation of consoles make up less than 5 percent of active players but encouraged users to pick the game on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows 10, and Xbox One.

Microsoft is working with e-commerce behemoth Amazon to improve Alexa and Cortana cross-platform communication.