New Developments Since Mossad's Iran Bombshell

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"In the case of sanctions against Russia, we flatly refused to join them", Liberman said, specifically referencing the decision by the U.S. and a host of European countries to expel Russian diplomats following the assassination attempt on the former Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, England.

But President Donald Trump has said he'll pull out of the deal if it's not "fixed".

In other words, the nuclear deal, in fact, came about partly because of the IAEA's concerns about Iran's nuclear activities, not in spite of them.

While it stopped most of the active weapons program, The New York Times reports that Iran was designing nuclear weapons until 2009. With a looming May 12 deadline for Trump to decide whether to waive sanctions under the nuclear deal, the prospect of an Israeli escalation in Syria is emerging as a point of concern since Tel Aviv has stepped up its attacks in an apparent effort to provoke a response from Iran.

Information found in the documents was unveiled on Monday in a televised presentation by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who described it as conclusive proof that Iran had consistently lied about the existence and nature of its nuclear program.

"This appeasement entails promises of a new deal that would include matters we all made a decision to exclude at the outset of our negotiations, including Iran's defensive capabilities and regional influence". Although it has been found that the maximum number of dead people were Iranians.

Last month, airstrikes blasted a government airfield in Syria, reportedly targeting and killing four Iranian military personnel stationed at the base.

But there's a greater political context for Netanyahu's speechifying. According to the deal, the sanctions against Tehran are being gradually removed in exchange for abandonment of nuclear program. The cache shows Iran can not be trusted.

Iran hawks argue that the idea of rival political camps is an illusion and that Rouhani was always beholden to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the theocratic cabal surrounding him. "Don't do it", says Trump's own Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, and Trump's chief of staff, General John Kelly.

How would the world know that Iran had complied with the deal? Anyone holding out hope for a more favorable perception of Iran in the USA should prepare to be disappointed.

But that looks unlikely now. With or without a nuclear agreement, with or without an Iranian pursuit of a nuclear weapon, in 2018 the biggest threat from Iran is from Syria.

The Islamic Republic of Iran's declared position is that it does not want nuclear weapons and never has.

It's a similar scenario that confronted the Obama administration before it embarked on the turgid rounds of talks that led to the current deal. Really? It wasn't the Iranian regime that illegally cost over one million Iraqi civilian lives and blew that country apart. Hopefully, President Trump will not make the same mistake as his predecessors.