Facebook asks users if posts contain hate speech

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On virtually every single public post, an option has emerged.

Some Facebook users were surprised to see "Does this post contain hate speech?" listed under every post on their feed Tuesday, including posts about dogs and memes about the start of May.

These buttons are located at the bottom of each post, prompting all users to let them know whether or not hate speech is being used.

The notifications no longer appear below Facebook posts.

It looked like Facebook was trying to bolster its forever-war against hate speech on the platform, primarily fought with algorithms and human staffers, by simply asking users to call it out.

This image shows the "hate speech" button accidentally set live by Facebook on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

And for the Family Research Council. Presumably, the feature - once completed - will only appear when triggered by certain words or phrases.

Some did not take kindly to this option. Joshua Herring, a humanities instructor at Thales Academy and contributor for The Imaginative Conservative and The Federalist, asked.

Facebook has recently come under fire for what critics say are a lack of action when it comes to curbing hate speech in developing countries. A bug caused it to launch publicly.

While it's already possible to identify Facebook posts that contain hate speech via the "Give feedback on this post" or "Report this post" options, Facebook's new prompt will seemingly provide users with a more direct way to bring hateful content to Facebook's attention.