Armenia marks Ottoman massacres after leader quits

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At a time when Turkey is falling into anti-democratic darkness, including the brutal beating of President Erdogan's critics on USA soil by Erdogan's security detail, Erdogan's continuing denial of the Armenian Genocide is an absurdity and a disgrace.

The Armenian genocide was recognized by dozens of countries.

The Chamber of Deputies (lower house of the Parliament) of the Czech Republic approved on April 25, 2017, a resolution, condemning the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Turkey. We remind and warn the civilized world that crimes committed against human genofond on behalf of the Armenian Genocide, are the gravest in the series of the encroachments being implemented towards human life.

"A protocol to create a historical commision to look into the Armenian issue from 1915", said Gunay Evinch, of the Turkish-American National Steering Committee.

In January the French president, Emmanuel Macron, added 24 April to the French calendar to commemorate the events 100 years ago. Many historians consider it the first genocide of the 20th century.

There are numerous documents considering the massacres of the Armenian people as a pre-planned and thoroughly implemented act of genocide. Forty eight USA states have recognized the Armenian Genocide through resolution or proclamation. We recall the horrific events of 1915 and grieve for the lives lost and the many who suffered.

During and after World War I, Ottoman Turks rounded up and eventually killed an estimated 1.5 million Armenians.

The statement also called on the Armenian community to not allow those "who are trying to ignite hatred and hostility by distorting [our] shared past", Daily Sabah reported. "We oridam from the USA administration truthful evaluation period, which brought untold suffering to all inhabitants of the Ottoman Empire", - said in a statement the foreign Ministry.

On this solemn day, we stand with the Armenian people throughout the world in honoring the memory of those lost and commit to work together to build a better future.