Amazon Launches In-Car Delivery For Prime Members

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"Note that [the Amazon delivery driver] doesn't have a special key or direct access to the vehicle", The Verge explains.

The original Amazon Key (limited to Prime members) required a home security kit consisting of an Amazon Cloud Cam and companion smart door lock.

Alan Batey, president of General Motors North America noted how these technologies and a service like Amazon Key In-Car delivery demonstrate the usefulness of expanding embedded connectivity to vehicles. More models and makes will be added over time.

The in-home and in-vehicle services are meant to enhance the speed and convenience of deliveries to further strengthen Amazon's hold on customers, CNet reported, as well as circumvent the rising problem of package thieves and so-called "porch pirates". Once a delivery location has been registered, customers select the "In-Car" delivery option at checkout.

Amazon can now deliver packages directly inside customers' parked cars.

With Amazon Key In-Car, customers with compatible vehicles download the Amazon Key App, then link their Amazon account to it.

Well, now your vehicle trunk can be a safe and convenient delivery option.

Once the driver is standing next to the auto, they tap on the app and it opens the locks.

Amazon has devoted much effort to figuring out how to stop its packages from being stolen from porches and public spaces, which is costing the company a pretty penny.

The service allows eligible Amazon Prime members throughout 37 US cities to have items dropped off in their auto trunks. The Amazon Key program allows delivery people to enter the customers home and drop their package inside. The online retailer announced Tuesday that in-car deliveries are now available. The feature is only available in a few U.S. cities and is only part of the packages delivered by Amazon Logistics. If the package doesn't fit in the trunk, it will be placed in the cabin. "How do they expect to find and unlock the trunk of my vehicle?" wrote one on Twitter. Cars need to be parked outside, within two blocks of a physical delivery address. You'll also get a notification when your parcel is on its way, and you'll be able to track when your vehicle was unlocked and relocked in the activity feed.

Customers receive a notification via the Amazon Key App when the delivery is on its way and after the delivery is completed and the vehicle is relocked. Domino's Pizza just rolled out delivery to landmark locations using what3words, so customers can get pizza delivered to parks or other generalized locations.