Police repeatedly taser unruly American Airlines passenger accused of groping woman

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The incident happened on an American Airlines flight travelling from Miami to Chicago.

After the altercation, police offers were called to the scene and Garcia was asked to exit the aircraft, but he refused and resisted the officers' efforts to remove him, police said. He then became combative with officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department.

The flight, which was bound for Chicago, was still at the gate when crew members began asking Garcia to deplane.

During the transportation of Garcia from the plane to the terminal, officers had to carry him while he verbally chastised everyone around.

A man was arrested after being tased aboard an American Airlines flight last night.

According to CBSNews.com, American Flight 2446 was waiting at a Miami International Airport gate when a disagreement broke out between Jacob Garcia and an unidentified man due to Garcia reportedly touching his female companion.

"You just assaulted a lady for one", another passenger said in one of the videos.

Officer Roody Desroches, who is holding Garcia by the collar of his blue plaid shirt, agrees, and gives Garcia a heads-up: "I'm about to tase you!" he says, discharging the electronic control weapon.

The taser doesn't appear to affect Garcia - at first - who calls the officer "a baby" and tried to grab the device out of the officers hand.

Even in the back of the police vehicle, Garcia's defiance could not be contained.

Miami-Dade officers handcuffed Garcia after using the Taser, but he "wedged his legs and body in his seat in a way" that prevented them from removing him from the plane, the arrest report says.

A man was arrested after being repeatedly Tasered on board an aircraft for allegedly touching another passenger inappropriately and making racial slurs.

We will cooperate with the Miami-Dade Police Department on this matter.

An officer then reaches for his Taser from his belt.

The plane left about an hour after its scheduled departure. "We thank our crews and airport customer service team for their excellent work in this situation", American Airlines said in a statement.

Garcia was later brought to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center where he was charged with battery, depriving and officer of a firearm, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, officials said.