California Rejects Border Duties for Troops

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Jerry Brown is willing to help President Trump send the National Guard to the border, but in a limited capacity.

Chief Ronald Vitiello told reporters the decision on whether to arm the trooper will be left to the governors of each border state, especially if those troops are on missions that might force them to defend themselves, NBC News reported.

State officials have not rejected anything since the governor responded to the federal government last Wednesday with the proposed "Memorandum of Agreement Between the State of California and the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security".

Hokanson said could not say whether any of the roughly 60 Guardsman from New Mexico, 250 from Arizona or 650 from Texas are now armed.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense Recruitment Robert G. Salesses claimed officials needed 237 for service in two aspects of California together "a set of mission responsibility there which California National Guard has signaled they will not work".

As stated by one USA official, the California Guard has suggested putting about 40 troops to marijuana eradication across the state.

The Guard troops will not be required to carry weapons and will not make arrests, but Brown has insisted on an additional limitation: that the California Guard refrain from participation in any immigration enforcement activities.

Gov. Jerry Brown surprised many in California April 11 when he authorized 400 National Guard troops to join the 250 already assigned to an ongoing anti-transnational crime program. It is unclear how troops would distinguish work related on immigration from drug smuggling and other crimes.

California lawmakers have enacted "sanctuary" policies that sharply limit cooperation with U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE), measures that bring near-daily denunciations from Trump administration officials. The federal government has not yet responded.

"Calling on the National Guard to be deployed will actually increase more abuse on the border", said Benjamin Prado of San Diego's American Friends Service Committee. CBS reported that Brown said National Guard troops are ready to deploy, as Tump aims to use guardsmen as a means to deter illegal immigration and drug trafficking along the U.S. -Mexico border. They would not, for instance, fix vehicles or operate remote-control surveillance cameras. "This kind of chaos and confusion I think is really just pointing out the difficulties of this unresolved issue", said Melinda Jackson, professor and chair of the political science department at San Jose State University.

"I think we've already come to terms [on troop agreement] as far as I understand it but we haven't gotten any written confirmation". He then clarified that the California National Guard had indicated that it would not perform certain missions that the Border Patrol requested, as they "know them to be right now".

"We're refining our requirements", Vitiello said.

The Republican governors of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas have openly embraced the administration's plans and specific jobs for their troops, along with Trump's premise to fight illegal immigration and drugs.

Pentagon officials said Monday that they are still calculating what the troop deployment will cost.