Tottenham to be without England worldwide for visit of Manchester City

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And now Mauricio Pochettino has been drawn into the debate, telling assembled journalists at a press conference ahead of Saturday's match against Manchester City that this really isn't a big deal at all.

The Premier League's Goal Accreditation Appeals Panel credited the England striker with the second of Spurs' two strikes in the weekend win at Stoke City, moving him four shy of Golden Boot leader Mohamed Salah. Spurs chose to appeal a decision to award the goal to Christian Eriksen, after Kane claimed the Dane's free-kick touched his shoulder on the way into the net.

"Nobody has talked about it". Harry is an individual that all the time places in entrance or forward the collective earlier than himself.

"I care about the goal because it provided us the three points but all that happens after is more players' decisions or the club's decision", he added. "Of course, he never thought that this situation would escalate, when he was so certain that he touched the ball", Pochettino said. "But it's not a big deal".

No. United closed the gap by three points, meaning City need another two victories to be certain, although it also depends on United.

"I don't believe if Salah needs this situation to be inspired. come on, you make me laugh", Pochettino said.

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"For me, always Kyle will be a player that did a lot for the club, did a lot for us in three years - and of course the club did a lot for him and we did many things for him".