Trump calls Mueller probe an 'attack' on US

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The New York Times says an associate of Pinchuk's called Trump directly to set up the appearance and that the next day, Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen called to solicit the donation. They proceed to only go ahead ... and I've this witch hunt continuously occurring for over 12 months now.

In a press availability that was ostensibly about what the United States would do to respond to the grievous chemical attack in Syria, President Donald Trump took the opportunity to speak out strongly against the Federal Bureau of Investigation for raiding the offices and home of his personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

As part of his investigation into the Trump Organization's foreign deals, Mueller is said to be particularly interested in the company's push to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in 2015, just months after Trump gave the talk in Kiev.

The president responded with fury after the raid, calling Mueller's investigation a "total witch hunt" and a "disgraceful situation" in Monday's meeting. I said, that is really now in a whole new level of unfairness.

Trump cannot technically fire Mueller, but could ask the deputy attorney general to do so on his behalf. "We'll see what happens". "I just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys, a good man", Trump began, referring to the agents who had obtained search warrants from a federal judge.

Trump blasted the Mueller team as "the most conflicted group of people I've ever seen", labeling a lot of them as Democrats and saying the few Republicans had worked for President Barack Obama. Ryan called the raids "completely inappropriate and unnecessary" and said they led to the "unnecessary seizure" of documents protected by attorney-client privilege.

"So we'll see what happens", Trump concluded. Now with this major escalation by Mueller, the Left smells blood in the water and Trump-haters are becoming increasingly crazed and detached from reality.

"Someone had to have fed Mueller information to make him believe that either Trump and/or Cohen were not being honest in the statements they've made publicly", Cohen said.

Beneath Justice Division laws, Mueller is required to seek the advice of with Deputy Lawyer Normal Rod Rosenstein when his investigators uncover new proof which will fall outdoors his authentic mandate. "No marshal can get into this White House and any Secret Service agent who defies me is fired'".

Hillary Clinton was fiercely criticized in 2016 for her connections to Pinchuk.

Several former officials at the Federal Election Commission have said the payment appears to be a violation of campaign finance laws, and multiple Washington-based groups have filed complaints with the FEC, urging it to investigate.

Cohen has more recently attracted attention for his acknowledgment that he paid Daniels $130,000 out of his own pocket just days before the 2016 presidential election. Mueller's investigators have also been inquiring about money coming in from the United Arab Emirates.

"What in the name of God is Mueller doing?" the source told Roberts.

Contact to Trump was made at a time when "it was by no means assured that Mr. Trump would be the Republican nominee in 2016", the foundation pointed out. The White Home has persistently mentioned Trump denies the affair.

Sean Hannity reacted to the FBI's raid on Michael Cohen by declaring that Robert Mueller's investigation has gone out of control and has to end.