Opposition turning increasingly violent against BJP: Modi

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Addressing karyakartas or party workers via video conference, Prime Minister Modi gave a clarion call to the BJP Karyakartas to keep working for the country and appealed all to never say or do anything that lowers India's political discourse.

Once again using the examples of victory in Gorakhpur and Phulpur by-polls, Mayawati said that the Uttar Pradesh people had taught a lesson to the BJP for using such an "insulting and Sanghi" language, according to news agency ANI.

He also termed the BJP as a party that is a true believer in democratic ethos that is devoid of divisions and dynasty politics.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday slammed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah for making "disrespectful statement" against opposition parties by equating them to animals. Shah said "the countdown" to the Lok Sabha elections next year has already begun and called upon all activists to fan out to each village in the country and highlight the achievements of the Modi sarkar in the past four years. His comments come as the Opposition continues to make efforts to form an anti-BJP coalition.

"In case of a massive flood, all snakes, mongooses, cats, dogs and even cheetahs and lions climb up a huge tree as they fear rising water levels,": Shah was quoted as saying to the media. BJP chief Amit Shah encouraged party cadres in Mumbai. Rahul baba you question our intentions. It is shameful. What else do we expect from them? "The Modi government is on the same path", Shah said. "The farmers of the country were exhausted of asking for proper price under Congress" rule.

The foundation day is dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives for the party's growth, the Prime Minister said. "BJP workers should spread the word about Modi government's works, and set the stage for 2019 Lok Sabha election". We are privileged to receive the blessings of people of all age groups, across all sections of society. BJP will never end the reservation policy.

The BJP had chartered 28 trains, with 11 of them terminating on WR and 17 on Central Railway (CR), said officials.

Mumbai-based political analyst Surendra Jondhale said Shah's speech seemed to be more of an attempt to set things in his own house in order and try to boost the morale of party workers than send a message to the opposition.

Among others, state BJP general secretary Jarpum Gamlin, former minister Tangor Tapak, Advisor to Chief Minister, Tai Tagak, and former MLA Tapen Siga addressed the participants.

The rally led to several traffic snarls on the Western Express Highway.