Oath UK Reveals Gender Pay Gap of 23%

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"You are going to have to hold the mirror up and everyone is going to be looking at you".

Now there are 59 male members of the Senior Leadership Team, in comparison to 23 females which has influenced the gender pay gap in real terms.

Improvements to its ICT infrastructure to promote the opportunities for flexible working. Leaders and their managers need to fix the "broken windows" - the range of everyday biased attitudes, actions and practices that make possible the bigger systemic problems, like the gender pay gap, that women face.

"The challenges are enormous and employers are not generally sympathetic to it". It isn't the same as equal pay, where firms are required to pay men and women doing the same job the same salary.

Some 8,870 companies had already done so as of 07:00 BST.

Alison Wilde is a director of business mentoring firm Birdsoup, which is helping to deliver the We Can mentoring scheme for young businesswomen in Norfolk.

So how did our region do? In the public sector it has stayed flat at just above 14 per cent. Progress on closing the pay gap has stalled and not shifted in three years.

But there were exceptions.

Want to learn more about the gender gap?

The data, which showed a pay gap of just 3.5%, was compiled from analysis of 488 women and 423 men working across Lewes District Council and Eastbourne Borough Council.

Universal reported a median pay gap of 16.7% and a mean pay gap of 29.8% while an equal 74% of men and women received bonuses.

Leicester, however, have argued the number is distorted "by a relatively small number" of higher earners, such as the professional footballers.

Businesses that have not yet filed their gender pay gap data are scrambling to publish their figures before midnight tonight, the final deadline.

However, she warned that companies could not close the gap by themselves. In Amazon Online UK, for example, the hourly median and mean rate is 17.4 per cent lower for women.

Garden centre group Notcutts also had a higher mean of 18.5% (its median was 0.1%).

At 11.59pm on Wednesday the deadline passes for United Kingdom companies to report their gender pay gap details to the government.

Sony Music UK today reported a pay gap of 4.6% (median) - better than the national average of 9.1%. It said it would "work hard to redress any imbalances".

"The overt sexual harassment and uncomfortably laddish atmospheres that I've heard about from so many women in so many studios around the world has certainly driven some away from careers in this industry", she laments, "Even if that's on the decline, as I hope it is, it still happens far too often and has long-lasting effects on women's lives and careers as well as the studios they leave".

How is the pay gap calculated?

Turner, the parent company of CNN, said in a filing that its mean gender pay gap in the United Kingdom was 21%, while its median gap was 27%.

"We teach them that there is gender inequality when you negotiate and you don't get [what you're asking for], when you have a lot of unpaid hours".

"The gender pay gap exposes the fact that there are fewer women in high-paying jobs or technical roles, rather than a pay gap for like-for-like roles".

The trust, which runs Leighton Hospital as well as Victoria Infirmary in Northwich and Elmhurst in Winsford, has revealed its female employees earn 25.9% less than men on average.

The disparity is a result of Apple's leadership ranks being filled with men.