Apple iOS 11.3 rolls out: Battery Health tool, new Animoji, and more

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The new Health Records feature let patients of more than 40 health systems view their medical records from multiple institutions right from their iPhone. In addition, the maintenance will be released until September.

Apple has pushed out the iOS 11.3 update for its iPhones and iPads, bringing a feature that's been highly anticipated since the company's battery management scheme came to light late past year. As seen in the preview, iOS 11.3 brings new Animoji for iPhone X users, as well as a couple of other new features.

The option to chat with a business will appear across Apple Maps, Safari and Spotlight Search.

With iOS 11.3, now your iPhone and iPad can deliver AR experiences by using vertical surfaces as well. It is launching in iOS 11.3 as a public beta in the USA only, with a limited number of launch partners like Lowe's, Wells Fargo, Discover, and Hilton.

iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 introduce updated data and privacy information that makes it easier than ever for users to understand how their personal data may be used. If done well, Business Chat sounds likely to offer a greatly improved customer support avenue over standard web chat interfaces.

Additionally, ARKit has been refined to work better with irregularly-shaped surfaces, including circular tables.

The new feature will make it easier for users to keep up with their own lab results, medications, and conditions, the release said.

Apple has made good on Cook's promise with iOS 11.3.

Messages in iCloud, a feature first announced at WWDC in 2017, was removed from the final release of iOS 11.3.

A new icon will display whenever your iPhone or iPad requests sensitive data, alongside "detailed privacy information", according to the company.

Commuters in Beijing and Shanghai can begin using Apple Pay on their iPhone and Apple Watch for an easy, fast and secure ride on Metro and bus lines.