Eagles DL Michael Bennett turns himself in on Monday

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The Eagles acquired Michael Bennett from the Seattle Seahawks in a trade this offseason.

Michael Bennett was taken into custody Monday after appearing in a Houston court.

Art Acevedo, the Houston Police Chief, says that no video evidence of the incident exists and that the charges stem from testimony given by an officer who was on duty that night. The prosecutor agreed with Hardin that a $10,000 bond would be sufficient, and that Bennett should be allowed to travel back and forth from Hawaii for appearances. "Mr. Bennett then went up to a 66-year-old black female employee again of the NRG, a paraplegic, and pushed her. Mr. Bennett's assault on this individual actually caused injury, according to her medical records a sprain of her shoulder". Bennett was attending the game to watch his brother, Martellus, who played for the Patriots at the time. Bennett was also ordered on Monday to have no contact with the woman. "But, you are trying to tell me with no video whatsoever, you are just going to paint a picture as this very big black man on a football field for the Super Bowl 14 months ago - 14 months and you are going to bring it to the equation?"

Bennett allegedly injured a 66-year-old paraplegic person who was controlling access to the field at Super Bowl LI in Houston, where the Patriots beat the Falcons on February 6, 2017. The charge holds a penalty of a $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison. "I think we have to be fair about that in all these matters. I told the DA's office I would try to get them everything I can to show you, you have the wrong person". I'm just giving you some background about where we were and how we do our process when we bring people in. I don't think it's fair in any situation to not give people the right to present their side. "If we find him on the streets, we're going to arrest him", Acevedo said.

Roseman said the Eagles spoke to some current members of the team before making the trade to acquire Bennett from Seattle and the word from players who played with Bennett is that Bennett "is a good teammate". The incident happened when Bennett tried to get onto the field to celebrate, police said last week when they announced the charge.