Toy tycoon leads crowdfunding effort to save Toys R Us brand

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As Toys R Us launches a liquidation sale, many shoppers at the store say there's a sense of loss.

The bankruptcy and subsequent liquidation of Toys "R" Us has bludgeoned toymakers, which stand to lose a key distribution channel and platform to test new products.

On Wednesday, a toy company exec and several investors set up a GoFundMe page and pledged $200 million towards rescuing the company. Playpens were crushed, "Kids at Play" signs were set on fire and Moe the bartender was seen flipping forward Toys "R" Us' famous backward "R" as Milford Van Houten and a mob of children with faces full of tears cry from a distance.

In January 2004, a Season 15 episode of The Simpsons saw a similar outcome for the toy store.

Many people are getting nostalgic as they return to shop at Toys R Us for one last time.

Larian also is leading an investor group that's making a separate attempt to acquire Toys R Us' Canadian operations along with about 200 of the chain's top-performing USA stores, MGA confirmed.

Larian said 20 per cent of MGA's revenue comes from Toys "R" Us and on Thursday, Quebec-based manufacturer Dorel Industries Inc. said that Toys "R" Us's USA business accounted for three per cent of its 2017 revenue. Any purchase made during the going-out-business sales are final, which means they can't be returned or exchanged. The company has a Toys R Us store in Tulsa at 6910 S. Memorial Drive and a Babies R Us at 10010 E. 71st St. Almost one in five of the sales made by the company is done at a Toys R Us store, according to the

Toys "R" Us is still hoping to save 200 of its stores.

Toys R Us is also likely to liquidate its businesses in Australia, France, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

"We live in a digital online world at this point and online shopping has significantly taken over in comparison to the in stores", Roberts said.

The Toys R Us troubles have hurt big toy makers like Mattel and Hasbro, which have been key suppliers to the chain.

Rosenberg said Lazarus understood that the success of Toy R Us stemmed from creating a "circus-like atmosphere to keep kids wanting to come back every week".

Known for his feisty demeanor, well-tailored suits and being a tough competitor - MGA was locked in years-long litigation with Mattel - Larian immigrated to the United States from Iran as a teenager in 1971. He began selling toys after a couple of years when customers began asking for them, and he quickly concluded that, in the baby-boom years, toys were a more lucrative business than furniture.