Despite Chains Closing, Some Local Toy Stores Continue to Expand

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But the company is not interested in keeping the Toys "R" Us stores running.

Amazon was a major contributor to the demise of Toys "R" Us. Walmart and Target carry toy lines, but they are also known for a million other things. They're willing to train people who haven't previously done that sort of work.

If the deal were to go ahead, it wouldn't be to preserve or save Toys "R" Us. An online listing indicates there are "sales associate" and "daytime stock associate" openings available in Johnson City.

Toys R Us is moving to close or sell all 735 of its USA stores after filing a motion to liquidate last week.

Toys R Us' collapse is in part due to growing pressure from Amazon, which has disrupted the entire sector by offering numerous same items at significantly lower prices and with the convenience of delivery.

The New Jersey-based retailer said this month it would liquidate the inventory of 735 stores across the country, a maneuver that threatens the jobs of 30,000 workers and will weaken the financial results of toymakers such as Pawtucket-based Hasbro Inc.

Amazon gained about 450 stores with the surprise take-over of Wholefoods previous year.

After Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy and announced most stores will be closing or sold, one local location says it will be open for a bit longer. Vendors were required to ship goods to Toys "R" Us on unsecured trade credit.

So, when Toys "R" Us is gone, how will this market void be filled, and, more importantly, what's next for toy shoppers? Its Canadian unit is up for sale, along with its operations around the world.

Many parents are rushing to the store to take advantage of sales and to get rid of any gift cards they may have saved. It has no plan to keep the brand name, though, according to Bloomberg.