NSA Janjua leaves for Kabul to discuss security issues with Afghan leadership

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Pakistan has failed to take decisive actions against terror groups as sought by the Trump administration, the White House said on Friday, and warned Islamabad that the U.S. is prepared to take actions on its own to safeguard its personnel in Afghanistan.

"The Kabul Process must lead to the renunciation of violence and breaking of all ties to global terrorism, as well as the respect for the equal rights of all Afghans, including women, under the Afghan Constitution, the Council said in the statement".

The local ToloNews reported that the Taliban had claimed responsibility for the attack. "The threat is also a major headache for Farah City", said Dadullah Qane, member of Farah Provincial Council.

One attack in Kabul alone killed more than 100 people in May 2017 near the German embassy.

Pakistan has been providing secret support to the Taliban despite being pressurised and warned by the United States to take a decisive action against the terror groups, revealed United State Army General Joseph L. Votel. We are in the first stage and do not want to announce (the progress).

Claiming that the ISI security is an open secret in the region, the daily said local police are not permitted to stop the Taliban from travelling from Afghanistan to Pakistan and the fighters refuse requests at checkpoints for identification by simply stating they are Talibs.

The goal was to establish an inner-ring of security along with an outer-ring of security, and clear everything in between.

"The secretary has said there is more that Pakistan could do and we look forward to them taking some steps to combat terrorism in the region", Dana White, Department of Defense spokeswoman said.

Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, has told The Associated Press that the insurgents were not involved in this "criminal act".

"What you don't see in the news of course is all the backchannel communication that's going on at multiple levels, through the Gulf, from the Taliban leadership through various means, and so forth", he said.

"My son telephoned me at night and said that he is in a secure area inside the city".

"The Pakistanis have wanted to appear responsive" the official said on condition of anonymity, sketching out the need for increased pressure. "And more than I've seen in any of the previous times I've been around this".

Reconciliation between Kabul and the Afghan Taliban is a major tenet of Trump's strategy to end the war, which began in October 2001.