Queen gives formal approval for Meghan and Harry to Wednesday

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The former actress, who will become his wife on May 19 at Windsor Castle, has herself been holding private meetings with charities as she prepares to carve out her own role in "The Firm". "I know that she will be unbelievably good at the job part of it as well".

In a tell-all interview with Markle's childhood best friend Ninaki Priddy, she revealed that the experience was tough for the actress as there were times when she felt that she had to choose between her mom and dad.

It includes the mock kidnapping by terrorists.

The news comes a week after Markle was reportedly baptised into the Church of England.

But in addition to avoiding such harrowing situations, Markle is also trained how to form a relationship with kidnappers.

But rest assured, the Suits star isn't the only soon-to-be royal that's undergone such intense training.

She was accompanied by her future husband, Prince Harry.

While preparing for her upcoming nuptials to Prince Harry and her royal duties, which will be expected after they have Wednesday, Meghan Markle has been visiting many of Prince Harry's favorite charities and familiarising herself with them.

It marked another milestone in Markle's path to joining the British monarch's family. Among those invited will be the general public and people representing charities and organizations Harry and Markle support. Speaking to The Express a year ago, Holly explained: "Everybody loves a royal wedding, of course they do, and Meghan Markle is just incredible".

According to the Daily Mail, she chatted with schoolchildren and teachers outside Westminster Abbey.

"She was very personable. She's so confident that I think she will want to be her own".