Twitter Weighs In On OJ Simpson's Hypothetical "Confession"

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O.J. Simpson's almost-forgotten "If I Did It" interview from 2006 was aired by Fox on Sunday night and the former football star turned ex-con gave a detailed "hypothetical" account of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

The ratings aren't quite in yet for Fox's programming special, O.J.

The on-camera interview was given to Judith Regan 12 years ago as part of a promotional push for Simpson's book "If I Did It".

One of the most chilling moments was when Simpson described how bad he felt that he no longer had control over Nicole after the murder.

The Twitter hashtag #DidOJConfess trended throughout the programme's broadcast.

A more than 10 year-old interview in which O.J. Simpson gave a hypothetical account of how he might have murdered his ex-wife fired up social media, but Americans proved more interested in watching the return of "American Idol", television ratings data on Monday showed. Simpson case has haunted America for decades now, the accused celebrity at the center of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman's murders has largely been silent.

"Well, it certainly supports my belief that the gloves fit", Darden said in an interview afterwards with TMZ.

The special will air Sunday night on Fox. I know and I accept the fact that people are going to feel whatever way they're going to feel (laughter). It was never released by the book company.

SIMPSON: Blood and stuff around.

"I couldn't turn away", he said. He also lapses into tenses that don't sound speculative, saying at one point that "Obviously I must have" taken a glove off after the killing, given that one was found at the scene. "To some degree, I didn't really like her", Simpson admitted. Unfortunately, Regan didn't ask Simpson what Charlie said was going on.

"As things got heated, Nicole fell and hurt herself", he said. Goldman's family published the book and made the profits after a bankruptcy court awarded it the rights.

"Of course, if something like this were to take place in anybody's life, if it were to happen, I would imagine it would be something you would probably have trouble wrapping your mind around", he said.

The program, titled The Lost Confession, saw Simpson walk Regan through how he could have killed his ex-wife and Goldman on June 12, 1994.

He was later found liable for their deaths in lawsuits filed by their families and ended up in prison regardless, serving nine years for an unrelated armed robbery. "I think a lot of the response [in 2006] was due to sensitivity to families, and maybe [the interview] was presented in the wrong way to them".

"He sucks you in, O.J. He is charismatic and charming but at the same time there is something a little manic and a little disturbing", Wrong added. He was released on parole in October 2017.