Microsoft announces AI Platform for developers coming to Windows 10

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Belfiore, in a tweet on Wednesday, said, "Next year, 10 S will be a "mode" of existing versions, not a distinct version". The confirmation came from Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore on Twitter.

Microsoft will be replacing the Windows 10 S with an "S Mode" for Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise versions, however, the company didn't reveal when it will be releasing until now as Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 S Mode will be coming in 2019.

The end goal with this new platform inside of Windows 10 is two-pronged; make it easier to build high-quality apps for Windows but also to introduce developers to Azure's ML/AI capabilities.

It is a spiritual successor to Windows RT, which was locked down in a similar way as a UWP (the called Windows Metro) interface for the original Surface devices, which allowed it to run on an ARM chip. Whatever the case, expect cheap laptops and even desktop PCs to start being advertised with "Windows 10 - 10S Mode" from next year. In a rather freakish development, however, it turns out that the Windows 10 S was actually hiding the full version of Windows 10 - a feature that could be unlocked on the majority of operating systems for a $50 fee. The news is a logical next step for the still-young Windows 10 S concept.

Windows 10 S was launched in 2017 as a scaled-back version of the operating system aimed at schools and businesses looking for a sandboxed environment.

Belfiore hasn't confirmed, but rumors had also suggested that the devices shipped with Windows 10 S could disable Windows 10 S and get Home for free, while the Windows 10 Pro will need $49 for full access. The biggest addition is tabs are now available in File Explorer, a highly-requested feature (more than 20,000 votes) and something Microsoft has resisted in Windows previously.