Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge braves cold in Oxford weeks before baby three

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As The Daily Mail pointed out, most people's middle fingers are noticeably longer than their index and fourth fingers, causing surprise when Middleton was photographed with her three center fingers looking nearly identical in length.

Dr De Silva, who runs the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in London, said: 'Meghan and Kate both really stood out and got significantly higher marks than the three other princesses.

'Meghan has an nearly perfectly shaped nose with a 98.5% score, her eye position is exactly right and her gorgeous V-shaped chin is far more classically handsome than Kate's.

The Duchess of Cambridge: the most STUNNING Royal ever?

She will, of course, be seen at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding on 19 May this year, although that is not an official royal duty.

In fact, as reported by the site People, Kate Middleton went to the Pegasus Primary School in Oxford, a primary school that appealed to the association Family Links to help children live well with their schooling and their social life at this age is very important for their development.

The charity works in schools to support the emotional well-being of the children and parents who attend the school.

Pregnant Kate is completing her final engagements ahead of the birth of her third child in April.

Prince Charles has previously joked about his stumpy "sausage fingers" at royal events.

Blue for a boy?

"It would be such a wonderful coincidence if Kate was to give birth on St George's Day, and patriotic punters have forced us to cut the odds on the newest member of the Royal family entering the world on April 23rd", said Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes. "Prince George has already taken that one".