Lyft Looks to Pioneer the Future of Ride-Hailing

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Yesterday, Allscripts announced a collaboration with Lyft to let clinicians to order the Lyft service for patients through its electronic health record system.

The goal of these two companies is to reduce the number of people who miss medical appointments because of transportation issues.

If they say yes, Allscripts' system will communicate with Lyft's to identify the date and time then book the ride. GoGoGrandparent links older riders without smartphones to Uber and Lyft rides for medical care. With it, businesses can schedule rides for individuals.

This newest EHR-integrated functionality is an effort to assist some of the 3.6 million Americans with transportation issues in getting to doctors' appointments.

Uber's partnership with healthcare organizations also allows Uber Health to schedule rides far ahead of time, up to a month in advance, so patients won't have to worry about availability, or a surge in pricing, on the day of an important appointment.

A survey of Boston Uber users found that most said they would have used public transport, walked, or biked to their destination if the ride-sharing service was unavailable.

"Health IT should always put the patient first and this partnership is representative of Allscripts commitment to connecting communities and helping providers deliver services their patients need", he said in a statement. Health care organizations, of course, will make more money if those figures can be reduced. "Patients without a smartphone can still use Uber Health through text messaging or opt to receive a call with trip details to their mobile phone or landline instead". Just a few days after Uber announced the launch of Uber Health, Lyft followed suit, partnering with Allscripts to enable clinicians to order the Lyft service for their patients. Healthcare technology companies like Bracket Global and Collective Health are also exploring ways that Uber Health can work with their offerings.

HIPAA Compliance. To ensure Uber Health meets HIPAA standards, the company has been working hard to develop, implement, and customize numerous safeguards. The platform pushes an SMS alert to passengers about the scheduled ride and the business provider typically covers the cost.

Patients also noted that Uber Health made getting to and from their appointments much easier. Accordingly, transportation for follow-up appointments can be taken care of while patients are still at the healthcare facility.