Call of Duty 2018: New Leak Points to Black Ops 4

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We've already posted rumors about Call of Duty 2018 actually being a fourth chapter in the Black Ops series i.e.

Considering how popular Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 still is, it's no surprise to see Activision continue with games set in the same universe and the listing images from Gamestop cement this.

A new Call of Duty comes out every year, and the shooter is always the best-selling title of said year.

Players will be able to enjoy this mode on the new Redwood Snow map, an icy variant of the forest classic.

The new multiplayer mode actually sounds great, and should keep players that are still active within the game happily entertained.

And since Modern Warfare 3, there has been a set rhythm to how the development process of the games works. And now to add to this bit of evidence, reports from gaming news site Kotaku, stated that the game is confirmed and will be released sometime this year. If Activision will follow its previous schedule, then fans will only have to wait a month before an official announcement.

At the start of a match, one player is randomly chosen as the first infected whose goal is to infect the other players.

The publisher is now trialling a version of the survival mode in Call of Duty: Online, the free-to-play PC title exclusive to China. Now new evidence has surfaced suggesting that the new "Call of Duty" title does exist and it may officially be revealed soon.