Lamar Jackson says he won't change positions

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"That's insane; I thought I was doing a good job at quarterback, you know, but hey".

Former Colts general manager and current ESPN talking head Bill Polian said Jackson doesn't stack up favorably to the other top quarterbacks in the draft this season. When I was in college, someone told me Jackson came as a visiting opponent with the Auburn baseball team and launched a home run out of the park and onto the roof of the basketball arena next door. "If there's anyone who would turn that franchise around, it'd be me", he said.

Former NFL executive general manager Bill Polian has been among those who said Jackson should switch to wide receiver, and he cited Jackson's size, athleticism and "questionable accuracy" as reasons why. "I'm not going to be a wide receiver at all tomorrow [during workouts] - quarterback position".

"No wildcat. This is not the Dolphins with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams", he said eliciting laughs.

Jackson perhaps innocently, but nicely, dismissed that race was behind anyone's intentions to line him up out wide. Dalton isn't an elite National Football League quarterback, but he was good enough to take the Cincinnati Bengals to the playoffs five years in a row. I think he's earned that right. He had 3543 passing yards and 30 touchdowns as well as 1571 rushing yards and 21 rushing touchdowns. In 2017, Jackson ran for 1,601 yards and 18 touchdowns in addition to throwing for 3,660 yards. "So I would say, don't wait to make that change".

But other talent evaluators disagree.

It appears he may know exactly what he was talking about when it comes to how some teams would evaluate Jackson. "Exceptional athlete. Exceptional ability to make you miss". Skeptics have never fazed him, though. That used to happen, but it happens much less often now, because most baseball teams are smart enough to realize that a successful starting pitcher is worth more than a successful reliever. "You're gonna get the salary you're gonna get or whatever". "I love the game with a passion".

- Jackson won't be hiring an agent because the rookie wage scale is so simple to negotiate.

It's not too dissimilar from DeShaun Watson's outlook a year ago, when teams questioned Clemson's national championship quarterback in the style of passer he'd be at the next level.