China suggests removal of constitutional clause on presidential service limits

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He began his second five-year term in October.

The seven-member Politburo Standing Committee-the country's supreme political body-elected after the event included no members young enough to take power after Xi's second term. But the announcement appears to be the strongest signal yet that Xi, 64, intends to hold on to power longer than any Chinese leader in at least a generation.

In addition to eliminating temporary limits to presidential mandate, Chinese legislature will approve in its meeting anor series of amendments to Constitution that would reinforce President's power to make him most important Chinese leader while he Want to stay in power.

But the decision came just 24 hours before the Party's powerful Central Committee was due to convene in Beijing for a three-day "plenum" on Monday to approve the leadership line-up for President Xi's second term. But will the country's Parliament approve such a major change to the constitution?

According to Gopalan, Xi laid the groundwork for Sunday's announcement in October last year when he presented a 30-year vision for China.

"What is happening is potentially very unsafe because the reason why Mao Zedong made one mistake after another was because China at the time was a one-man show", Lam said.

Even though his father Xi Zhongxun - a renowned revolutionary hero turned vice premier - was purged by Mao, Xi has remained true to the party that rules with an iron fist and over which he reigns supreme.

Mao, the founder of Communist China and still held in god-like awe by many Chinese, died while still Communist Party chairman in 1976, having never retired.

But while other analysts agree that is one a reason for Xi to stay around, there are also other reasons why he may need more time. But he has been chosen as a parliament delegate this year and is likely to become vice president, sources with ties to the leadership and diplomats say.

'The theoretical justification for removing tenure limits is that China requires a visionary, capable leader to see China through this multi-decade grand plan, ' Lam said.

Xi, whose titles include head of the armed forces, has lavished attention on the military with parades and defense budget increases.

During the upcoming NPC meeting, Xi's anti-corruption crusader Wang Qishan, who is 69 and retired from the PSC, is expected to be made vice president.

After taking over a party general secretary, Xi has started a war against the corruption, which helped the country to improve its corruption perception ranking by Transparency International.

Deng Xiaoping radically altered China from a tainted one-party-state based on power concentration under an all-encompassing leader, into a party that focused on the path of modernization and furthering the wealth of ordinary Chinese people.