United States coalition kills 100 fighters in air and artillery strikes

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In a statement, the us -led military coalition tasked with battling the Islamic State called the attack southeast of the city of Deir Ezzour in eastern Syria "unprovoked".

The US-led coalition's attack on pro-government forces in Syria has again proven that Washington's true goal is to capture "economic assets" instead of fighting terrorism, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The strikes came after the pro-regime militants initiated an attack against the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

No U.S. -led coalition forces were injured in the attack, but one SDF member was wounded. They agreed not to attack Coalition forces.

He reported that Russian officials said they wouldn't engage coalition forces in the area of the attack.

The hostilities erupted, he said, after hundreds of fighters backed by tanks and artillery began advancing on rebels in the town of Khisham, five miles east of the deconfliction line.

Regime forces were likely attempting to take an oilfield near Khusham.

Nevertheless, he declined to answer questions on whether there were any new contacts between the Russian and U.S. militaries in connection with the shelling of Syrian pro-government forces by the coalition near the inhabited community of Khusham.

The United States has plans to divide Syria, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who on Wednesday said he plans to discuss the matter with its American counterparts.

"I am gravely concerned that the Trump administration is purposefully stumbling into a broader conflict, without a vote of Congress or clear objectives", said Sen.

USA officials declined to provide details on the military assets that were used to beat back the assault, which nations they were from, or the number of advisers in the area.

The attack on the militia positions were described as a "defensive" measure by Washington, after fighters - believed to be linked to Iran - attacked a US-backed anti-Islamic State group coalition in eastern Deir az-Zour province. "The Coalition remains committed to focusing on the defeat-Daesh mission in the Middle Euphrates River Valley and asserts its non-negotiable right to act in self-defense".

USA forces began airstrikes in Syria in September 2014 after IS militants had swept into control of large areas in the eastern part of the country as well as northern and western Iraq.

The US Central Command earlier called the attack on Syrian militiamen "self-defense", claiming that the troops allegedly launched an "unprovoked attack against well-established Syrian Democratic Forces [SDF] headquarters". The US also shot down a pro-regime drone after it dropped a munition in the vicinity of US troops in Syria.