Rahul isn't only party chief but also my boss:Sonia Gandhi

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"Now we see them both as mutually independent and exclusive and as part of this policy Prime Minister is undertaking this visit", B Bala Bhaskar, joint secretary of the foreign ministry said this week.

He said, the government always looked for suggestions, feedback and input on various schemes as everyone is working for the interest of the nation and the poor.

The prime minister said that he too wanted "Mahatma Gandhi's India", one without the Congress. But the first parliamentary committee meeting held to discuss the idea last month remained inconclusive, with opposition leaders pointing out a series of hurdles, a senior BJP leader had said. Targeting the financial distress of the country he said, huge burden of nonperforming assets in the banks are the sins of UPA government, as they continued loan to the corrupt and influential persons, without going in to their merits and credentials.

INC chief Rahul Gandhi, responding to the Modi accusations, commented about the premier's failure to address corrupt practices within his party.

Narendra Modi attacked the Congress by repeatedly saying in parliament that the opposition party had no right to lecture the government on democracy.

While Modi was referring to Aadhaar and said that its seeds were sown during A B Vajpayee's government, Chowdhury started laughing loudly.

Before completion of his speech, Prime minister appealed to all to build a new India.

"We just want to know did you yourself change the deal? Let there be no doubt about that". He took a pot-shot at Rahul for tearing up the ordinance to decriminalise conviction of politicos cleared by Union Cabinet. "There has been corruption in Rafale issue and the Prime Minister is looking other way", Gandhi told reporters outside Parliament.

Gandhi said that he can understand that before 2014 Modi was blaming the for everything, but even after being in power for four years he was still questioning the opposition instead of giving answers to the people from the floor of the House. Expressing his delight with the victory in Rajasthan by-polls, Pilot said that the team will emerge victorious in Karnataka election as well.

PM Modi also criticised the Sarkar-led Tripura government for not spending Central funds allocated to the states. We made changes in the presentation of Rail Budget.