How To Import Custom Wallpapers via USB To PS4

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The update, codenamed KEIJI, mostly focuses on improved user experience features and a new Play Time Management features. Apart from setting this to check on their kid's playtime, the family manager/guardians can apply playtime restrictions to make sure that the child is only playing for a set amount of time or within set playable hours. Child accounts will be notified during gameplay to let them know when to save and quit their game.

Another helpful organizational feature lets players hide apps from their library. There's now a new "This PS4" section, allowing owners to quickly see all the applications that are installed on the current PlayStation 4. Under the PSN ID, there is a new "PlayStation Plus" option that will segregate your monthly free games from ones you have already purchased. This feature makes it easier to see what games have been purchased but not installed. If PS Plus membership is expired, a PS Plus icon with a lock will appear next to the games until users have re-subscribed. This will be helpful for items like betas or demos that you probably won't ever use again. This is the type of content most users will not return to, so it's nice to know they don't ever have to see them in their Library.

Several new quick-menu enhancements will be added, including accessing specific friends from a custom list as well as additional audio controls when using Spotify or the USB music player.

Now on to the quick menu improvements. This will also allow you to see who's now online. As an added benefit, gamers can hit the "triangle" button to play and pause music entirely for the Media Player.

Background Music on PS Now: This allows one to listen to their favorite tracks while streaming games through PS Now. Just be aware, similar to when playing a game on disc or via digital download on PS4, background music may not always be available.

Making this the third PS4 firmware in a row to tackle the notification menu, this update will allow you to delete old notifications, either individually or in bulk. Once imported, you can even zoom, crop and preview them in-situ to help get the ideal look on your dashboard. If parents are feeling generous, they can extend play time from a smartphone or computer.

While most of these features in Update 5.50 will be seen as solid improvements to the PS4, it's likely a lot of fans will argue that Sony still has some work to do. Reset Era has a list of games compiled that support supersampling. Sony notes that not all games will get better image quality when Supersampling Mode is enabled.

According to Sony, via the PlayStation Blog, the Gold Wireless Headset has received a revamp, and it's coming to stores later this month for $99.99.

Let's say you bought a powerful PS4 Pro, but you don't have a 4K television yet.