Sending SMS Messages With the Help of Amazon's Alexa

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That being said, every message by default will be routed to Alexa device and only if it is not available the message will then be relayed via SMS.

Amazon has revealed a Send SMS feature which allows users to ask Alexa to send an SMS using an Alexa-enabled device.

You can still tell Alexa to "send a message" but if you do that, it will try and send it via the Alexa app first. All the texts sent would reflect in the smartphone's text app, notes CNN.

The skill, which is live in the United States now with other countries expected to follow, can send messages using either the Alexa Messaging System for fellow Alexa users or via SMS to everyone else. That's the year after Amazon introduced Alexa, delivered through its Echo device.

Transport for NSW will be giving commuters access to voice-activated information following its new integration Amazon's cloud-based voice service, Alexa. You can make phone calls to other Echo devices or most regular phone numbers in Canada, the US and Mexico. Yes, customers can now send SMS to others via Alexa.

Now there is no way to send emojis in texts through Alexa. It is expected that all three accents would be available to USA users in the near future. Maybe, Amazon will launch such features in the Indian market when it believes that Indian users are ready for using a smart speaker.

Keep in mind that asking Alexa to "send a message" will not send a SMS.

The new feature works on any Amazon devices only support Alexa texting and calling, but seemingly it can't work on any third-party Alexa speakers.

If you have an Android phone and want to start texting, you will have to turn the feature on.