PM to Putin: We will stop Iranian entrenchment in Lebanon, Syria

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Israel has been warning of Iran's increasing efforts to establish a military presence in Syria and Lebanon, along Israel's border.

It says the delegation will include the deputy foreign, justice and public security ministers, as well as generals and top military and intelligence officials.

Gen. Ronen Manelis, said in an op-ed that appeared on several online platforms, that Iran building missiles in Lebanon could trigger a full-scale war between Israel and Lebanon.

Speaking during his weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said he intends to discuss with the Russian leader "the various developments in the region".

Haaretz reported that Netanyahu and Putin were expected to discuss Israel's opposition to any arrangement that would let Iranian forces remain on Syria's territory once the war is over, as well as the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

"We also spoke about Lebanon, which is becoming a factory of precision-guided missiles that threaten Israel". Following the meeting Netanyahu had confirmed that Israel's security is benefitted by the Putin's approach.

Netanyahu stated that Iran is to blame for attempting to change the status quo both in Syria and Lebanon.

The prime minister said he raised the issue of the Iranian nuclear deal, and he told Putin that if changes were not made to the deal, then it was likely that the USA would walk away from it.

The two leaders were meeting at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow, where together they toured a new exhibit on the Sobibór extermination camp. The prime minister said this is "also our mission today" and the reason he came to Russian Federation: "our common efforts to promote security and stability in our region".

Visitors to the former Nazi death camp Sobibor, in eastern Poland, wander through the recently excavated remains of the gas chambers on November 11, 2014.

Netanyahu said the "main lesson of the rise of the Nazis and, afterward, their defeat, is that one needs to take a strong and timely stand against murderous ideologies". Russian Federation categorically rejects any such attempt.

As a gift, the Russian president handed him an original letter that Oskar Schindler sent to his wife, Netanyahu said. Netanyahu said he will pass it on to Yad Vashem.