Rapper Nelly files countersuit after being sued for sexual assault

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Jane Doe 1, a married mother in the US military, detailed how she and a girlfriend spent a couple hours with Nelly in a VIP area before being invited to an after-party with him.

The rapper Nelly has been accused of sexual assault by two more women, whose testimonies were included in a civil lawsuit filed by a woman who is suing him for sexual assault and defamation.

In the countersuit, seen by TMZ, Nelly claims Greene made her way into the VIP section of the club he was performing at and began flirting with him.

In the amended complaint, the woman said that after she called the police, her name went public and she was attacked on social media websites. The complaint says Nelly raped a fan last October in his bedroom on the tour bus and sexually assaulted two women after performances in England in June 2016 and December 2017. She then alleged that he placed her hand on his penis and forced her into giving oral sex.

The countersuit comes after the accuser, Monique Greene, claimed Nelly raped her in October 2017.

Greene says she is aware of at least 2 other women who she says suffered the same fate as her with the rapper.

Since the allegations were first made against him, Nelly has maintained his innocence and plans to take legal action. Jane Doe no. 1 says that she firmly removed Nelly's hand and got up to leave, but the rapper argued and tried to force her to stay. Prosecutors have said they can't pursue a criminal case against Nelly because the woman decided not to cooperate with authorities. The complaint details how Nelly would pick women in the audiences/venues of his shows, invite them and their friends to an after-party, or some other post-gig event via a member of his entourage, and then quickly separate the chosen lady from her friends.

Rapper Nelly performs in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the time, Rosenblum said: "It does not surprise me that she wanted to have her story publicized". The suit notes that Greene completed a rape kit and showed signs of distress, and that police believed there was probable cause to arrest Nelly for second-degree rape. He has also filed a motion to dismiss Greene's claims for defamation.