Super blue blood moon, January 31

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January 31 will close out the magic moon month with a lunar eclipse during the second full moon of the month (which is also a supermoon).

Science enthusiasts now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness a super blue blood moon in Kozhikode in Kerala.

But the further west you are the better the view, meaning New Jersey isn't the best place to get a glimpse of this rare, larger reddish full moon. A supermoon is about 14 percent more dazzling than an average moon. You have to be early to catch it, as it will begin at 5:51 a.m. and only be visible for about 16 minutes before the moon sets behind the western horizon. By my calculations, the combination of a supermoon and blue moon only happens about once every 133 full moons, roughly once every 11 years...not bad! All the sky gazers in Kerala are ecstatic to observe this rare celestial phenomenon as the super blue blood moon will be clearly visible from anywhere in the State. We see about four to six "super moons" each year. This is known as a lunar eclipse. He lives in Ottawa so he will see the moon moving into the shadow just as the moon sets. The sunlight refracts around the earth and in turn NASA says we see the sunrise and sunsets across the earth reflected on the moon.

Finally, we have the Blood Moon.

But of course, it'll be once in a blue moon.

There are long traditions of giving different moons names.

It is the light bending around the Earth due to gravity that passes through a portion of the atmosphere that causes the shift in color. In the Western Hemisphere, this will be the first time all three have coincided since 1866, more than a century and a half ago. For those in the Middle East, Asia, eastern Russia, Australia and New Zealand, the "super blue blood moon" can be seen during moonrise the morning of the 31st. The umbral eclipse begins at 3:48 a.m.

"I'm always looking for any astronomical event to throw a party", said Heather Michalak, assistant director of Little Shop of Physics. If you wake up after 7 a.m. you will miss it.