Switch sold 1.5 million units in December 2017, 3DS sold 750000

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This week Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch sold more units in December than any other video game system, according to the NPD Group, but sales for the Nintendo 3DS were also very impressive.

Nintendo's current lineup of 3DS hardware includes the $199.99 New Nintendo 3DS XL, the $149.99 New Nintendo 2DS XL and a pair of Nintendo 2DS bundles that cost $79.99 and come with a pre-installed game.

Nintendo consoles continue to fly off the shelves. Nintendo also stated that since its launch 10 months ago, the Nintendo Switch has sold more than 4.8M units, making it the fastest-selling home console in US history.

How do you get to 4.8m Switches in ten months?

The holiday season, especially the month of December, is chock-full of people buying consoles for themselves and for their wee little children.

Various Switch titles also finished high on the chart of most sold. For Nintendo, this represents the largest month of hardware sales in the U.S. since December 2010, when the Wii and DS combined for 4.8m units. It is setting new sales record for Nintendo which should prove to be good news for them after the lackluster sale of the Nintendo Wii U.

Worldwide, 3DS hardware has sold more than 69 million units, meaning it still has some catching up to do to reach the Nintendo DS, which sold more than 154 million units, and Game Boy, which sold more than 118 million units. Additionally, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon for Nintendo 3DS finished No. 13 and No. 14, respectively.