Vuzix and Amazon Partner To Bring Augmented Reality Glasses with Alexa Support

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The revamped store, slated for a February 2018 release, is going to sell Google's own Home line of devices, as well as other devices powered by Assistant. More importantly, outside brands aren't welcoming space inside their devices to other voice assistants.

The ThinQ technology, which integrates LG's WebOS smart TV platform with Google Assistant, will allow customers to use hundreds of voice commands to search for specific content, control various functions on the television, and control home appliances. Alexa in cars can also be synced with smart-home devices to control thermostats while on the road. LG has added Google Assistant to its TVs, stereo speakers and other gadgets.

But it's the rivalry between Amazon and Google that is particularly noticeable.

The first of the Qualcomm Home Hub platforms for Android Things, based on the SDA212 SoC, is created to enable home devices and appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and washing machines with digital assistant and audio capability. But Park's approach serves as an apt warning for both consumer electronic companies and consumers: Be careful what you hype up and make sure there's some practical benefit.

Once Alexa is enabled, drivers can ask her to do things like adjust their smart home's temperature so it's comfortable when you get there, add milk to your shopping list on your way to the store, or listen to an audiobook from Audible.

Toyota plans to begin testing the vehicles by 2020 in the US and other locations, and it intends to deploy the cars at the 2020 Olympics and Paralympic games. With the Assistant in Android Auto, you can listen to your playlists from apps like Spotify or Google Play Music, get quick directions from Google Maps or Waze, and send or receive messages from services like WhatsApp. We're calling them Actions. All in all, today there are more than a million Actions you can take with your Assistant. In the directory page, you see categories on the left side and actions on right. But how do you know what Assistant can do? And the best part?

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The tech giant's Assistant is also being added to more vehicle entertainment systems, thanks to Android Auto, where it enables a hands-free means of checking in on Google apps. Using exclusive survey data, this report evaluates each device's potential for adoption based on four criteria: awareness, excitement, usefulness, and purchase intent.