Black Lives Matter Activist Erica Garner In A Coma After Heart Attack

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An assistant running Erica's Twitter account told followers on Wednesday (Dec. 27) that a CAT scan revealed that she had suffered brain damage "from lack of oxygen while in cardiac arrest".

Friends and activists are visiting the NY hospital where Black Lives Matter icon Eric Garner's eldest daughter is in grave condition after a heart attack.

Erica Garner has been officially declared brain dead by hospital officials and given zero chance of recovery - five days after the mother of two suffered a massive heart attack, the New York Daily News has learned. Garner became an outspoken critic of police brutality following her father's death on Staten Island in 2014.

Family members provided an update on her condition Wednesday evening after the outspoken activist against police brutality had a heart attack on December 24. Video of the incident shows New York Police officer Daniel Pantaleo tackling Garner from behind and taking him to the ground using a department-banned chokehold. After giving birth to her son, who is named after her father, four months ago, Garner went into cardiac arrest.

Social media users have sent Garner and her family prayers in hope that a miracle would happen. Garner repeatedly told the officers "I can't breathe" before he lost consciousness. It also was the start of Erica's advocacy against police brutality. New York ABC station WABC confirmed Garner suffered a heart attack over the holiday weekend. Below we feature Erica Garner, in her own words, from her interviews on Democracy Now!