Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton remain most admired in the US

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Gallup also noted that one out of four Americans "cannot name a man or a woman they admire most".

Former first ladies Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are among the top "most admired" women.

Barack Obama has been named as the "most admired man" by Americans for the 10th year running, nearly a year after leaving the White House.

Trump came in second to Barack Obama, with the former president notching 17 percent of the vote to Trump's 14 percent.

A Gallup spokeswoman said in a statement that it has historically based the rank-order list on the number of total responses for each choice, regardless of statistical significance or how close the picks are.

Overall, she has held the title 22 times, more than any other woman-or man, for that matter.

Gallup, which has conducted its poll to determine the most admired person in the country 71 times since 1946 determines results "based on telephone interviews conducted December 4-11, 2017, with a random sample of 1,049 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia", according to Gallup. "The incumbent president is the usual victor, since he is arguably the most prominent figure in the country", Gallup reports.

Obama previously beat out Trump for the title of "most admired" in 2015 and 2016, where he held a respective 17 to 5 percent and 22 to 15 percent edge over the Republican.

In the 71 years Gallup has gathered information, the present president has won the best title 58 times.

"Trump's unpopularity is holding him back from winning the most admired distinction", Gallup's Jeffrey Jones wrote.

Trailing far behind Trump in the 2017 survey were Pope Francis with 3 percent; Rev. Billy Graham, U.S. Sen. Nevertheless, Clinton retained enough support among the public to top every other woman on the list. The next winningest woman is Eleanor Roosevelt, at 13 times.