Kremlin offers to be mediator between the USA and North Korea

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Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pressed U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during telephone talks on Tuesday to move from the language of sanctions to the negotiating process as quickly as possible.

Russian Federation is ready to act as a mediator between North Korea and the United States if both parties are willing for it to play such a role, the Kremlin said on Tuesday. But top United States advisers have long retained that the U.S. remains committed to prioritizing a peaceful resolution to tensions with Pyongyang.

In an interview with the state-run RIA news agency on Christmas Day, Lavrov said the Kremlin's diplomatic relations with North Korea make Russian Federation a suitable candidate to mediate talks between Washington and Pyongyang.

"We want the North Korean regime to understand that there is a different path that it can choose, however it is up to North Korea to change course and return to credible negotiations".

"And in the calculation it is not taken at all that the implementation of such a plan will cause a real humanitarian catastrophe".

The immediate change of the implementation of sanctions for a process of dialogue was also called in the conversation, referring to the new package of sanctions recently passed by the UN Security Council and described as unfair by North Korea.

The UN Security Council unanimously voted to impose new sanctions on North Korea on Friday in response to its recent intercontinental ballistic missile test, a move North Korea called an act of war, tantamount to a complete economic blockade. Those sanctions sought to further limit North Korea's access to refined petroleum products and crude oil and its earnings from workers overseas. The UN resolution seeks to ban almost 90 per cent of refined petroleum exports to North Korea by capping them at 500,000 barrels a year.

This lack of diplomacy may be the reason behind the rise in North Korean missile tests and contentious rhetoric at the United Nations and other worldwide forums.