Woman killed by pit bulls outside her home

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According to Steele, the pit bulls belong to the Saylors' neighbors, although there hasn't been an official confirmation of this fact.

Police say Lorraine Brock Saylor was killed by the dogs as she was putting out bird seed at her home in Arjay, Kentucky.

The Bell County Sheriff's Department said it received a call at 10:20 a.m. Highway 66 in the Wiser Branch area of Arjay about the dog attack.

Update: names released in deadly dog attack

The owner of the dogs, Johnny Dale Lankford, 42, had been in a local detention center after being charged Friday with domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment.

"She was out taking care of animals, and a very unfortunate set of circumstances happened and she lost her life", Bell County Coroner Jay Steele said. When he went out on his porch, he was suddenly attacked by the two pit bulls. "She anxious more about neighbors and friends than she did herself, as Johnny's the same way, they're just a very giving couple". The woman died from her injuries, and the man was transported to Pineville Community Hospital.

The Bell County Sheriff's Department determined the dogs do not belong to the couple.

"The husband suffered wounds as well, but was able to shoot both dogs, killing one while the other ran off", the department said. Bell County sheriff has warned residents to be on the lookout for the injured brown pit bull which managed to get away. And the other ran off and wasn't found until 2 p.m. Monday.

Police ask anyone who believes they have spotted the animal to immediately call 911 or 606-337-6174.

When deputies arrived, they found the couple had been "savagely attacked by two pit bulls".

A thorough autopsy is expected to take place on Tuesday in Frankfort, Kentucky, at 9am.