Civilization VI is now on iPad, but it's not cheap

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Sid Meier's Civilization VI has just been made available for the Apple iPad.

The iOS version of Civilization 6 requires at least iOS 11.1.2, and will only run on an iPad Air 2, a fifth-generation iPad (aka the 2017 model) or an iPad Pro. The game and first 60 turns are free, but it is a whopping $60 ($30 until January 4th) to unlock the full game.

If you do decide that Civ VI on iPad is worth the money, it looks like you'll be getting the same game that's available on PC and Mac. The game clocks in at 3.14 GB, which means you'll have to make some room for the game if you're already running low on hard drive space on your iPad. If you're an existing fan of the franchise with compatible hardware, I know you've already purchased this so I won't waste my breath. The original game, for example, was released for around 9 platforms originally, finding itself ported to many years later due to its importance in strategy game history. Setting the price for the iPad version to the same as it sells for on Steam for PC is a bold move, and unprecedented for a mobile port.

Civilization VI is the first in the Civilization series to be released for the iPad. Your civ grows and becomes more powerful by developing new technologies like agriculture, masonry, sailing, and (eventually) electricity.

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Civilization VI now costs $29.99 on the iOS App Store as part of a launch discount, with it slated to go up to its regular price of $59.99 on January 4.

The main menu in Civilization VI for the iPad. For a limited time, the game is on sale for $30, the same as the PC version. And then, if you want to buy it, it costs $60.

According to a new FAQ page posted by the developer, the port does support multiplayer, but it is restricted to LAN play.