Dave Chappelle teases Netflix special: "Poor whites are my least favorites"

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You'll either catch a classic or be surprised by a deep cut you haven't thought about in forever, like "Wrap It Up".

Netflix on Wednesday released a clip on its YouTube channel to promote "Equanimity", Chappelle's third special this year on the streaming service.

'I didn't see one deplorable face in that group.

It's pretty incredible that the first special was shot in September and the second in November, meaning Chappelle (presumably) had developed enough new material in just about two months time to fill an additional special.

"I know that rich white people call poor white people trash", he says.

The stand-up star is set to release two specials on Netflix Dec. 31.

The teaser for the Netflix special, Equanimity, includes a timely Trump joke given recent passage of the doomed Republican tax bill. We've got a lot of trouble out of them.

Chappelle is then joined by fellow comedian Chris Rock, who informs the disappointed Clinton supporters that it was clear that Trump was going to win the election due to country's long history of racism.

In addition to the previously announced special "Equanimity", the iconic comedian will also release the special "The Bird Revelation".

Dave Chappelle admits to feeling sorry for the "poor white" population who voted for Trump in a new comedy routine. Dave said as he stood in line to cast his ballot, he overheard them say naive "poor white people things". More hilariously, he urges them to come to the realization that he's actually not "their" president, but rather that of the rich. 'Man, Donald Trump's gonna go to Washington and he's gonna fight for us.' I'm standing there, thinking.