Prince Harry Interviewed Barack Obama & It's Full Of Casual Roasts

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Prince Harry has interviewed Barack Obama and this clip of the duo in the sound studio shows us exactly what their relationship is like.

"You're excited about this; I'm nervous about this", the Prince is seen telling Mr Obama in a video released over the weekend by Kensington Palace.

Prince Harry interviews former US President Barack Obama as part of his guest editorship of BBC Radio 4's Today program.

Prince Harry later confessed: "You're excited about this and I'm nervous about it, that's what's quite amusing", to which Mr Obama replied: "I will interview you if you want". "Because I'm a slow speaker", Obama jokes in the teaser offered up on the palace's Twitter feed.

"No, no. Let's keep it this way". In this warm up to the encounter, the prince jokingly warns the ex-president he'll get "the face" if he pauses too long between answers.

Then, after the prince demonstrated what he meant, Obama said: 'I don't want to see that face'. "I'd much prefer that", Prince Harry said before chuckling.

The palace said the conversation featured Mr Obama discussing his plans to cultivate the next generation of leadership through the Obama Foundation.

Prince Harry has forged a strong bond with Mr Obama over the years, particularly through his work with servicemen and his royal trips to the US.

Mr Obama and wife Michelle are tipped to fly in for Harry's Windsor Castle wedding to Meghan Markle next year.

Footage of their pre-interview chat was released by the BBC today ahead of the full December 27 broadcast on Radio 4's Today Programme.