Facebook now lets you mute annoying friends or groups for 30 days

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With the new snooze button, you'll be able to turn off their appearance in your newsfeed for 30 days, without completely losing them forever.

The new snooze feature will add to Facebook's already existing features to unfriend and unfollow someone, but has an important distinction that Facebook users should love.

Seeing too many photos of your uncle's new cat?

With Snooze, you can clear your News Feed of friends you still like, but who now won't stop posting about their recent exotic vacation, wedding, or new cat.

You probably won't have noticed it yet but you can now find the button in the top-right drop-down menu of every post. Just before the quiet period is set to expire, Facebook will send an alert so you can be prepared or renew the Snooze for an additional length of time.

Facebook's move is based on a bunch of internal and external research on how social media affects moods.

The company also posted a blog co-written by research director David Ginsberg and Moira Burke, a research scientist at Facebook, on Friday titled: "Hard Questions: Is Spending Time on Social Media Bad for Us?". Facebook's algorithms are sophisticated, but they haven't overtaken us yet. "Do people connect in meaningful ways online?"

Facebook recently pledged $1 million toward research "to better understand the relationship between media technologies, youth development and well-being".

For now, our Facebook here has not been updated with the new feature, but we should expect to see it here very soon, as Facebook has simply said it is rolling the feature out globally today.

While Facebook still relentlessly uses its algorithms to show posts in your News Feed, there's at least a decent amount of customization users can do here.

And Facebook is working on suicide prevention, including support on Facebook Live and artificial intelligence to detect suicidal posts before they are reported.