Sony President Congratulates Nintendo On Game Of The Year Win

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"The Champions' Ballad" is the second major DLC that the game received.

The image of Link riding the Master Cycle Zero in the release trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second DLC expansion pack may have been surprising, but Nintendo teased a bike-riding Link for the newest entry in the franchise earlier this year. You can find out for yourself right now, as the expansion is available as of last night on both the Nintendo Switch and Wii U - you must own "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" in order to play it, and you must also buy the $20 expansion pass. To get the new content in "Breath of the Wild", you must first purchase the expansion pass for the game; it costs $20, and gets you the previously-released expansion as well as the new one.

What did you think of The Game Awards 2017?

For her portrayal of Pictish warrior Senua, German actress Melina Juergens won the TGA for Best Performance, while Hellblade also collected the Best Audio Design and the Games for Impact accolades. Best Action-Adventure Game, Best Direction, Game of the Year; these are elite categories.

The quirky but much-hyped Japanese RPG Persona 5 walked away with only one award, for the best role playing game, and lost out to Zelda for the game of the year title.

A full list of winners and nominees can be found at, save for the victor in Best Multiplayer Game which was not announced during the TGA ceremony nor via its Twitter account. The quality of the Nintendo game was not only recognized by the awards it won yesterday, but also by the nominations that account for the success it has had since its launch. Best mobile game "Monument Valley 2".