Amazon brings Echo speakers and Music Unlimited to 28 new countries

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The new product will have features found in Spotify like on-demand streaming, while also retaining YouTube's video streaming service.

Amazon announced today that its Music Unlimited service and the Echo speakers will be available in 28 new countries, primarily from Europe and South America, starting immediately. Eventually, it makes sense for YouTube to launch a music subscription service to cater to the needs of the users.

When it comes to music streaming services, the names that come to the mind first are Apple Music and Spotify.

According to Bloomberg, YouTube has already signed a contract with Warner Music Group and is in a talk with Sony Music Entertainment, Merlin, and Universal Music Group, and some other group of independent labels. Moreover, it will provide more revenue to music labels that have been pushing for more money from the video site.

Remix is owned by Alphabet Inc, a company that is constantly trying to overcome the supremacy of Spotify and Apple Music.

Google is hoping that third time's the charm if reports are to be believed that YouTube will be launching a new paid music subscription service by 2018. Besides, it is even fetching after artists to help in promoting the service.

"Organizations and business now have the ability to expand products and services in other regions more easily by allowing consumers to access websites, information and resources in their preferred language using automated language translations", said Walker.

This rollout is part of a massive global push that started over a year ago, TechCrunch reports. In the year 2011, Google has released Google Play Music app with free and subscription options. Once you select the plan, you will be able to explore a wide range of music videos with different categories as the giant will offer the simplest User Interface of this service. Executives have been disappointed in how YouTube Red failed to focus on the music aspect and instead centred on producing unique video content. The YouTube Red, Remix and Google Play Music, all these three music related platforms by the giant, Google will work together once they release this new Remix platform in the coming March month. However, a launch date in March will remain largely dependent on the other two major companies.