Powerful 6.0 quake hits Iran near city with 800k population

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An 4.4-magnitude natural disaster centered near Dover, Delaware but could be felt for hundreds of miles along the East Coast.

The quake, initially reported as a magnitude 6.3, was centered 36 miles (58 km) northeast of Kerman, which has a population of more than 821,000.

The U.S. Geological Service reported intensity levels - a different measurement than magnitude - ranging from 3 (weak) to 5 (moderate) throughout Delaware.

The USGS initially reported the quake as a 4.4, then a 5.1, before dropping back to a 4,4, and now at 4.1 magnitude. However, at times it was reported as high as 5.1.

"Aftershocks are a possibility with this quake", said Caruso. Bellini said the tremor was a "shallow quake", meaning it was relatively close, as far as earthquakes go, to the surface.

Magnitude 6.0 earthquakes are considered strong and can cause severe damage, especially in densely populated areas. However, in DE, the quake jolted downtown Dover, sending lawmakers and workers in the statehouse outdoors to see what happened.

Others commented that they had not felt a thing.

Carberry said there were no signs of damage at the base, and no change in operations was expected.

Fill out the form and tell us where you were and if you felt anything. "I stepped outside and spoke to some co-workers who weren't really sure what was going on either", Jenne explained.

Martin Pagliughi, coordinator of the Cape May County Office of Emergency Management, said he felt the tremors. A magnitude 5.8 quake (Mineral, VA 8/2011) is 50.118 times bigger than a magnitude 4.1 natural disaster, but it is 354.813 times stronger (energy release).