Animal Crossing Debuts on iOS a Day Earlier Than Expected

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While I can't say this is the Animal Crossing most of us wanted to see released on Android, it is nonetheless what we are getting.

It's a free-to-play game, and much of it is locked behind either you waiting a lengthy amount of time or paying real money. Those looking to cash in some My Nintendo points will be thrilled to know that those missions and rewards are live as well.

The legendary gaming company fully revealed the long-awaited mobile game in October with a vague "late November" launch window.

The other smartphone apps Nintendo have released are Miitomo and the Nintendo Switch Online app. Is the oven on, or is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp at the door right now? As the player, you are the manager of a campground, which you can customize with furniture and amenities. Despite the delay, fans are happy to have some new content from one of Nintendo's biggest IP's.

This follows on from the huge success of Super Mario Run and the well received Fire Emblem Heroes. Then sit back and wait! As you play, you collect items and complete tasks for the animals you meet.

Your Campsite. Your Way: "The joy of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is creating a space that suits you and your style".

Leaf Tickets are the game's version of real-life currency.

The goal of Pocket Camp is to convince the other animal villagers to stay around the campsite by finding materials needed and crafting their desired furniture. Numerous game's residents will want particular items in the camp before you can invite them to visit, which means you need to get out there and earn the crafting materials necessary to build those needed decoration items.