Israeli PM to discuss Iran, Hezbollah with France's Macron

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Yemen's foreign minister told the Arab League in Cairo that "the Iran regime has pushed too far through its proxy, the Houthis, in annihilating Yemenis", SABA reported.

Arab diplomats said the resolution seeks a declaration of solidarity with the premier Arab state, and support for actions it might take in the name of national security amid alleged meddling by Iran.

Iran should relent provoking unrest in Bahrain and should adhere to the Good Neighbor policy, the statement read.

Saudi Arabia, a Sunni powerhouse, has significantly sharpened its anti-Iran rhetoric since its forces on November 4 intercepted near its capital, Riyadh, a ballistic missile fired by Shiite rebels in Yemen who are allied with the Iranians.

Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates approved the Saudi request, which was also approved by Djibouti, the current chair of the pan-Arab bloc, according to a memorandum seen by AFP on Sunday.

Mr Hariri's visit to Egypt comes after the emergency meeting of Arab League foreign ministers in Cairo, where they discussed ways to combat Iranian interference in Arab affairs. Saudi Arabia subsequently accused Hezbollah and Iran as being behind the attack.

In a resolution published after the one-day summit wrapped up, the Arab League said that it "does not intend to declare war against Iran for the moment" but warned that "Saudi Arabia has the right to defend its territory".

He called on countries such as Lebanon "where Hezbollah is a partner in government to carry their responsibility".

Sunni Muslim powerhouse Saudi Arabia and Iran, the predominant Shiite power, have for decades stood on opposing sides of conflicts in the Middle East including in Syria and Yemen. Iran's backing for militias such as Hezbollah have helped defeat ISIS, but have also greatly expanded Iran's foothold in the region, incurring the wrath of Saudi Arabia.

Hariri is now in Paris, where he arrived on Saturday after spending 13 says in Saudi Arabia.

"We say it in clear terms that Iranian threats have exceeded all boundaries and are pushing the region toward the abyss".

He even went on saying that missile which was sacked by Houthis towards Riyadh was "Iranian made" and called is as an "unacceptable Iranian message".

Aoun has accused Saudi Arabia of holding Hariri hostage.

"The Lebanese Republic, in spite of our relations with it as a brotherly Arab under the total control of this terrorist party", said Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa, referring to the powerful Shiite movement.

Lebanese foreign minister Gebran Bassil -a member of the Hizbollah-allied Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese president's son-in-law - did not attend the Cairo meeting.