Rasgulla: West Bengal gets GI Status over Odisha for Rosogolla

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A Hindustan Times report quoted Sanjay Bhattacharya, deputy controller of patents and designs in Kolkata, as saying: "It has been settled under the GI Act that authenticates a product relating to either a geographical location or community or society".

In a unconventional development, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday awarded Sweet Geographical Status (GI) status for Rosogolla.

When we talk about candies, nothing can beat the spongy, syrupy Rosogolla.

Clarifying the row, Chinnaraja G. Naidu, Assistant Registrar of the Geographical Indications Registry, Chennai, said: "The "rasagolla" which is being manufactured within West Bengal and created a brand in the State was given the GI tag".

Today, the Geographical Indications Registry announced that the "Rosogulla", unanimous with the Bengali identity, has its roots in West Bengal and not in Odisha.

Kolkata: The two and a half years of bitter tussle ended on a sweet note for West Bengal. If people of Odisha also think and claim rosogolla as their own, that's also good. The Odisha government plans to apply for GI tag for "Odia Rasagola".

Following this, the West Bengal government made a decision to fight this claim legally by providing evidence that the dessert was, in fact, created by noted sweet-maker Nabin Chandra Das in 1868. "We have not yet applied for the GI tag for Pahal Rasogolla".

While Bengal claimed stake on its most famous sweet citing history and traditions, Odisha claimed the dish originated in the state and was associated with the puja of Lord Jagannath.

However, two years on, and West Bengal can finally claim that the rasgulla is officially theirs.

The fight had started in 2015 when Odisha chose to set up committees to counter West Bengal's claims on the candies. We are all so happy. However, it is now clear that the evidence provided by West Bengal is more conclusive, which has enabled it to get the GI tag.

However, Odisha had claimed that 600 years ago they had Rosgulla.