Danica Roem will become first openly trans legislator after stomping her opponent

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Roem will be the first transgender member of the House of Delegates and will become the first out transgender person to win and serve in a state legislature, according to the Victory Fund, a political action committee that works to get openly LGBTQ people elected and has supported Roem. Marshall also penned Virginia's so-called bathroom bill, which would have made it unlawful for trans folk to use whichever bathroom they wanted to use.

Marshall was also the author of a now-void constitutional amendment that defined marriage as between one man and one woman, and sponsored a bill banning gay people from openly serving in the Virginia National Guard.

Roem unseated Bob Marshall, who has been a conservative Republican figure in the Virginia State Legislature for 26 years.

She quickly moves to her main issue, traffic, while slipping in her Catholic School upbringing: "As a child at All Saints Catholic School, I know what it's like waiting for my mother to come and pick me up, and she was stuck on Route 28 for sometimes two hours". Transgender women of color are among the most persecuted groups in America today; in early November, Human Rights Campaign noted that 23 transgender women have been killed in 2017 alone, 21 of them racial minorities. "This is why I ran". During her acceptance speech, she thanked her supporters and the trans community, saying: "To every person who has ever been singled out, who has ever been stigmatized, who has ever been the misfit, who's ever been the kid in the corner, who's ever needed someone to stand up for them when they didn't have a voice of their own because there is no one else with them, this one is for you".

Meanwhile, Marshall also built his campaign by running transphobic attacks on Roem and accusing her of teaching pre-school students about gender identity.

Democrat Danica Roem tells FOX 5 in Washington that she ran on a platform to improve the areas congested roads and make the General Assembly more transparent. Roem is a career journalist who worked for years at the Gainesville Times; she provides vocals for the thrash metal band Cab Ride Home.

With 19 out of 20 precincts in the state's 13th district reporting, Roem had won comfortably with 54.6% of the vote.

"Danica Roem's historic victory is a clear warning to anti-equality lawmakers across the country that the days of attacking LGBTQ people to scare up votes are over", said HRC President Chad Griffin.

"I believe in accountability".